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Let Christmas THRIVE

We all have a treasured memory of unwrapping a special Christmas present. The best gifts come from the people who know us the best and love us the most. On Christmas Day, we feel the magic when we are surrounded by these people, opening gifts under the tree, with our hearts full of joy and love.


This picture is out of sight for many of the families THRIVE serves. Putting Christmas presents under the tree creates a large financial burden at a time when they are already challenged to maintain stability, facing the rising costs of housing and food. We want to bring this picture of Christmas into focus and give them a special day of joy and laughter. 


Would you consider making a gift to to provide a Christmas to remember for these children? 100% of every dollar goes directly towards providing holiday gift cards to families facing hardship.

Send a check made payable to "THRIVE Peninsula" with "Christmas" in the Memo and mail to:

THRIVE Peninsula, 12749 Nettles Drive, Newport News, VA 23606.

Enjoy this video celebrating Let Christmas THRIVE


The Let Christmas THRIVE program is dedicated to enriching the holiday experience for families that are in financial distress. We offer parents the ability to select gifts through our distinctive gift card initiative. Thanks to many of you, since starting the program in 2020 we have provided holiday cheer for over 1,000 children from low-income families on the Peninsula.

Gift cards matter. They honor families with dignity, letting parents choose the perfect gift, while children experience the warmth of their parents' love. Let these testimonials explain more: 

"$20 is all I had to spend for Christmas for three kids and I still needed to get dishwashing liquid, toilet paper, and bags for the month. I thank God for THRIVE Walmart gift cards; my kids were able to get toys. I don't know how I would have explained to them that they wouldn't be getting anything for Christmas. But thank God and thank God for THRIVE, my kids had all smiles on Christmas Day. Thank you!"

"THRIVE blessed me beyond measure. Not only did they help me with the financial coaching... which by the way gave me a whole new outlook on spending... But they went above and beyond for me and my family for Christmas. This program is a blessing from God."

Why gift cards? THRIVE values providing services in a dignified way that bring hope. Supplying gift cards for the parents to shop for their children delivers the joy two-fold: parents can provide just the perfect gift for their child, and the child receives the gift of their wishes and the genuine warmth from their parent’s embrace. Both experience the tenderness of exchanging presents, delivering joy for the entire family.

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Let Christmas THRIVE would not be possible without the dedication of Dan Clark. 

Dan is a volunteer financial coach at THRIVE and realized the need for this program while working directly with clients. He has been spearheading this initiative and inspiring the successful growth of this campaign. Dan has the true Spirit of Christmas in his heart and that is evident through all the hard work he puts into making this program a great success. Thank you, Dan, for the generosity and energy you give our community!

Special thanks to our community partners:

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