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The Market at THRIVE

The Market at THRIVE, presented by Food Lion, is the first of its kind on the Peninsula. A free grocery store with a focus on fresh and healthy foods. Recognizing that stigma often prevents families from seeking assistance at traditional food pantries, The Market at THRIVE is a dignified space where people can obtain food without feeling ashamed or judged. We believe that everyone deserves access to enough nutritious food options, regardless of their financial situation.

In collaboration with Food Lion, who generously donated shelving and provided support for the store design, The Market at THRIVE is thoughtfully laid out to mimic a grocery store, offering a welcoming environment where clients can choose 100% of items they take home, allowing them to select items that meet their preferences and dietary restrictions.

If you find yourself struggling to afford food, you can book a shopping visit at The Market. There are no income requirements and we don't ask invasive questions. We are here to help!

We serve Virginia Peninsula residents every 30 days.

To support The Market and keep it fully stocked, use the buttons below. We moved into this new building quickly to bring our dream of a free grocery store to reality and to meet the rising needs of our community. But there are still more renovations to be done. We ask you to consider participating in our capital campaign so we can finish The Free Bookstore, maintain the Raised Garden Beds, and begin to host workshops and classes in The Blocker Room, on topics like financial literacy, workforce development, and more.

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