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Partner Church Network

A myriad of heart-wrenching calls are received by your community of faith or organization…a mother of three children pleads for financial help to restore her electric and water services.

Are you aware of the resources available for this family?

A family facing eviction or already homeless appears at the door of your church, organization or business.

Is your community of faith or business management prepared to respond with more than a temporary fix?

A transient family arrives during worship services requesting that a collection be taken to help with food, transportation or hotel expenses.

Is your leadership informed about the ways and means to minister to these families?

Let us help you at THRIVE in addressing these needs.

THRIVE acts as a central financial aid clearinghouse for about 80 local churches and community groups. Our mission has been sustained throughout the decades by faithful partnerships with our covenant congregations and other community contributors.


Find out how you can join this collaborate network, minimize duplication of services, and increase sound stewardship of resources. 

Partner Church Benefits

  • No need to re-create the wheel! THRIVE is serving families who seek out financial assistance and food pantry services everyday! Make referrals to us and you'll know we have the proper procedures in place to provide high quality services to the families who need it most.

  • Receive a Community Resource Guide annually, with up-to-date information on local agencies, and their services

  • Call us to ask a question about a family seeking assistance

  • Refer congregation members who need financial coaching

  • Activate your church members through engagement activities for groups or you can send congregation members to volunteer


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