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Our Impact

Thanks to generous community donations, see our 2023 impact:


Pounds of Food Distributed



Financial Assistance Given

Families Received 
Financial Coaching


Woman in Wheelchair in Greenhouse


Latonya, a disabled senior, fell behind on her rent after spending a week in the hospital for a needed surgery. She called THRIVE while still in her hospital bed because she was afraid she wouldn’t have a place to return to. After all, this apartment had been her home for over 6 years and she had consistently paid her rent on time each month for years. After getting out of the hospital, Latonya met with a financial coach who provided relevant financial tools. She was approved for rent assistance and was able to fill up a grocery cart with much-needed food from the pantry. Latonya vows to never be in the position of needing assistance again. She believes that without help from THRIVE, she could well be homeless. She said “THRIVE is a good place to be.”

Girl in Wheelchair


Jill contacted THRIVE when she was two months behind on her rent. She is disabled and has limited income. She fell behind in her payments because her prescription medication cost jumped to $325 a month, and her income was just over the line where Medicaid wouldn’t pay. Jill has a 10-year old daughter and is not receiving family support. As a result of these hardships, she started accruing late fees and it became impossible for her to catch up. THRIVE helped her by helping her catch up on her past due rent so she can start over with a zero balance. With help from a THRIVE financial coach, Jean has created a budget, and knows if she follows it she will be able to make it. A few weeks after assistance was provided, THRIVE a note that said “Thank you for being here for ordinary people like me that have few resources.”

Grandma and Grandchild in Embrace


 Adele’s life was recently upended when her daughter and her four children recently moved in with her. What used to be a comfortable two bedroom apartment for two was now a cramped apartment for seven, with ages ranging from four years-old to adult. Adele said her faith keeps her going, and she sought out help from THRIVE and other community services.


What she loved about THRIVE is the many resources for assistance it has available. It was able to help her daughter get a much-needed  birth certificate and other necessary support. Adele also loved the variety of food she found in the pantry. While she is struggling to pay her bills, she can shop at the pantry every 30 days which she says is a Godsend. THRIVE helped pay her electric bill so that her electricity could be turned back on. She also took advantage of the financial coaching service THRIVE offers as she hopes to improve her credit rating. Adele says she never gives up, and the Lord and THRIVE have kept her going.


Thomas faced a tough time. He had been employed and managed just fine at his home in Hampton. He never needed assistance with bill paying until he was laid off from his job as a painter in March 2020. A single father with three minor children, Thomas had rent to pay and with no money coming in, he knew he would need help. He was faced with Covid-19 restrictions and his unemployment compensation claim was pending. He contacted social services and was told about THRIVE Peninsula.

“Knowing about THRIVE gave me some hope, and the staff and volunteers were there for me. Everyone was very helpful, very respectful, caring and concerned about my situation. They offered me food for my family, helped me get my rent paid, and, most importantly, helped me move forward.”
Thomas is now receiving his unemployment compensation, is once again managing well, and has had several job interviews. He hopes to be working again very soon.  “(THRIVE) was there when I needed them the most.”

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