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The Garden at THRIVE

The Garden at THRIVE is our onsite courtyard garden that grows produce to stock The Market. Using a "self-watering" design, our raised beds are wrapped with pool liner, and contain corrugated pipes with slits in the top so that water is held in the box. The plans absorb rainwater from the bottom of the box and use it to grow!

The boxes were built using the volunteer power of five Peninsula Rotary Clubs who joined together to secure a District 7600 Grant. Rotarians built each box from scratch. The result is a thriving garden that produces hundreds of pounds of fresh produce each year, which is given directly to families facing food insecurity. 

The garden design was donated by Food Forest Virginia and is maintained by volunteers. Our two garden co-leads are both Master Gardeners but are always looking for more volunteers who have a green thumb. 

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