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Everyday, thousands of Virginia Peninsula residents endure financial hardship – struggling to survive.

We are THRIVE, and we’re helping people.

Find out how we’re helping!


About Us

THRIVE Peninsula, a 501©(3) non-profit organization, is committed to assisting Virginia Peninsula individuals and families through difficult times.


Fueled by the Light of Christ and the dedicated support of partnering faith communities and other contributors, THRIVE Peninsula ministers to the physical, economic, educational, emotional and spiritual needs of our neighbors. Addressing both essential living needs (e.g., food, housing, utilities) and the unique crises affecting each person, this volunteer-driven coalition helps coordinate community resources for a tailored, integrated response.


A united Peninsula faith community, partnering with community resources, to help those most in need resolve their immediate crises and lead lives of more faithful stewardship.

With comprehensive budget education among its core (no cost) services, THRIVE strives to encourage people to be active participants in the resolution of their present plight and the plan for long-term financial stability. Formerly known as Denbigh United Christian Outreach (DUCO – est. 1973), present-day THRIVE Peninsula remains among the most long-standing outreach services of its kind in its local community. How humbling to witness and be a part of seeing thriving families create a thriving community!


To Encourage, Educate and Empower our Peninsula neighbors in need toward transformed and self-sustaining lives.

  • Provide emergency food and financial aid to eligible individuals and families

  • Motivate, mentor and equip people to participate in the resolution of their financial hardships

  • Advocate cooperation between people and creditors

  • Refer to appropriate supportive resources

  • Lead a collaboration of Peninsula faith-based organizations and other contributors to accomplish these goals


What We Do

THRIVE Peninsula helps equip people with new perspectives and practical tools as they transition through their crises toward financial peace and accountability.

A myriad of heart-wrenching calls are received by your community of faith or organization…a mother of three children pleads for financial help to restore her electric and water services.

Are you aware of the resources available for this family?

A family facing eviction or already homeless appears at the door of your church, organization or business.

Is your community of faith or business management prepared to respond with more than a temporary fix?

A transient family arrives during worship services requesting that a collection be taken to help with food, transportation or hotel expenses.

Is your leadership informed about the ways and means to minister to these families?

Let us help you at THRIVE in addressing these needs.

Elevate our thinking, our actions, our expectations toward positive change.


Get Involved

For over four decades, the Body of Christ and other contributors have energized a ministry through Denbigh United Christian Outreach. Today, THRIVE Peninsula continues to help shepherd hurting families in our community.

You can be a wing on this mission-bird of helping families and the community THRIVE! Please contact our Outreach Center for more information on opportunities to serve and soar!


Each of you has received a gift to use to serve others. 1 Peter 4:10

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Tel: (757) 877-6211

Fax: (757) 585-3572

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13195 Warwick Boulevard, Unit 2C
Newport News, VA 23602-8320